Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Simple Statement About Loglines

I took a class in Freelance Magazine Writing and in our final session last night, we talked about writing query letters. Pitching an idea for a magazine article really isn’t that different from pitching a novel. You need that hook, the logline, that super brief description of your story.

Our lovely instructor Kate Ancell put it this way: “If you can’t get your story down to a sentence or two, you don’t really know what you’re writing about yet.”

That just says it all, now doesn't it?


  1. Yes, it does!

    Here's my sentence: Thank you for this very good informatively useful post!

  2. Lisa!

    I'm originally from Chicago, a writer, and a yogi (a former gym girl). I fortunately found your blog. Let's connect!

  3. Marisa, glad you liked my post.

    Pamela, I can't believe you left these lovely Chicago winters behind for LA!