Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Long 2010

I haven't blogged the second part of 2010 as I was busy cooking up these nuggets!

I did manage to read a few books, and a list of my favs are on StoryStudio Chicago's blog, Cooler by the Lake.

Here's to a happy new year and a return to writing in 2011!


  1. Oh my, twins! I had no idea. Congratulations! Here's to a wonderful year for you as mother and writer.

  2. Thanks so much Linda! It's been a crazy and wonderful year!

  3. Dear Lisa ,,
    Can i make a contact with you? I have some questions and I'll be grateful if you help ,,
    thanks in advance ,, waiting for your mail :)

  4. Congratulations Lisa! You have your hands full.