Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Day in the Life

I think people wonder what I actually do all day without a paying job. For fun, here is a run-down of Monday, February 2nd.

7:20 Wake up.

7:22 Pee.

7:24 Return to bed.

7:45 Get out of bed.

7:55 Walk to 7-11 for Big Gulp. Also get a chocolate donut, which was not part of the plan. OK, donut was totally part of the plan, who are we kidding?

8:10 Surf internet, craft email message about launching blog. Email message to Mike and obsess that he does not respond in four minutes.

9:06 Open actual Word file that contains the novel I'm working on and remember that there is writing to do.

9:30 to 9:45 Receive and incorporate feedback from Mike on blog announcement email. Obsess about the link being purple instead of blue.

9:46 Forget about stupid purple shade of link. I mean, who cares?

9:52 Send out email about blog.

9:53 to 10:10 Check Google Analytics to see how many new unique page visits I get to Fiction City. About 5.

10:11 Shut up and write.

11:00 Do a word count of the day’s progress. At 1,445 words. Surf internet some more.

11:05 Read wonderful book called Good Grief by Lolly Winston and wish I could write like that.

11:35 Eat something I shouldn’t for lunch and watch Episode 10, Season 1 of Mad Men.

12:25 Turn off TV and get back to writing.

12:40 Check word count again.

12:42 Realize word checking is stupid and wasteful use of time.

12:43 Curious about how much time is wasted on said word count, decide to document how I spent various chunks of time this morning. Begin writing this time log.

12:46 Shut up and write.

1:00 to 1:10 Talk to husband on phone. (Just for the record, he called me).

1:11 Write an email.

1:12 Add stuff in log.

1:13 Realize there’s only 47 minutes until The Bonnie Hunt show and decide it would be a good idea to hit 2K words before then.

1:52 Hit 2,300 words and feel absolutely creatively depleted for the day. Watch a little Days of Our Lives.

2:00 Watch The Bonnie Hunt show and make plans to meet writer friend later in the week.

3:00 Leave for the gym, bringing book I cannot put down. Proceed to stop Elliptical machine three times due to pressing book into buttons due to the fact that I cannot wait to find out what happens next due to book being great.

4:00 to 4:20 Stop at grocery store on way home from gym and somehow end up buying little Valentine cupcakes.

4:20 to 4:35 Email friends to hang out, which should help to maintain normal amount of human contact and also be fun.

4:35 to 5:20 Shower (finally), clean kitchen, straighten up, etc., so as to appear as a normally functioning human being when husband arrives home from work.

5:20 to 11:00. Family time and general hanging around.


  1. Love the time line, your voice in it really comes through.

    I'm glad you are not an outliner either, we have a similar writing process,(except your productivity/word count makes me envious).

    Bonnie Hunt is a good show, I loved when she was obsessed with Dookie Marcoochie. I haven't watched in a while though.

    Mad Men is great, I can't wait for season 2 to come onto DVD.

  2. This "writer friend" of yours must be a really cool guy.

  3. Hey Lisa! Love the blog, check mine out too :) It'll be a good way to keep in touch since, sadly, I don't see you several times a week anymore.

    This post made me totally wish I was "just" a writer. Although I doubt I'd make myself get out of bed before, say, 10:00...

  4. Seems fun to be a writer :) Keep up the good work!