Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kindle Crazy

Everyone is all crazy about the new version of the Kindle. The NY Times is drooling all over it. The original online headline read “New Kindle Is Faster, Smarter, Thinner” which I think means they want us all to take it out on a date. Even Computerworld has stuff to say about e-books in general. Yet, some are still fans of the Sony Reader.

But I am not in love with the concept, not yet. I’m perhaps a passive fan of technology. I love my iPod but didn’t get one until the video iPod version came out. I didn’t start paying my bills online until a couple of years ago. I only just recently parted with my collection of cassette tapes. Though I do DVR and love every commercial-free minute of it.

All of these things have made my life easier, faster, more convenient. And I guess this is what the Kindle is supposed to do.

But I'm not sold yet. Of course, there’s the cost of $359. And they say you earn it back after a couple dozen e-book purchases. But as my lack of jobness has recently made me switch from bookstore purchases to library loans, I am not looking to lay down that type of start-up cash right now.

People rave that when you return to your Kindle, it opens it up right to the page where you left off!! You mean, like a bookmark? I don’t get all the fuss. Plus, you can’t read it in the bathtub. And who cares that I take about one bath a year. When I do sink into those bubbles, I want something in my grubby little hands to read.

I will accept that the day may come (I won’t say will, not yet) when paper books and newspapers are obsolete and we (okay, I) will laugh at ourselves for turning our nose up at this new technology just like we did with TV, Eight Track Players and wi-fi. (But really, did anyone ever shun wi-fi? That stuff is fantastic!)

So Kindle, I guess you’re fine and all, and maybe we could have some good times together at some point down the road. But right now, I’m just not that into you. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s me.

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