Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

So since I made a fuss about writing 2,000 words a day, I will also admit when I miss the goal. Namely, yesterday (about 1,850 which is not bad but I said this week I’d shoot for 2,250). And today: only 900!

I have plenty of excuses on why I didn’t hit my goal today. Would you like to hear them?

I spent a lot of time on the phone tracking down old 401Ks. I went for a run (which I often do, but somehow this comes up today as an excuse not to write). I also spoke to Chase about a strange $20 fee on my account. My ankles hurt. Right as I was about to turn off the TV after my TV/lunch break, HGTV’s Design on a Dime opened with an episode in Chicago. Well, I live in Chicago! I have to watch that. I recorded it so Mike could watch it later. That meant I could watch it later too. Still, the logic evaded me at the time.

Did I mention my ankles hurt? The upstairs neighbor is vacuuming. I have a second job interview later this afternoon. This is for a fun, minimum-wage, get out of the house a few hours a week part-time job; still it’s all I can think about! I wrote 900 words, so that’s not so bad. This morning I was wired from Diet Coke. This afternoon I’m kind of tired. I did some online critiques at Miss Snark’s First Victim this morning. I don’t really know what I’m going to write next. My knees kind of hurt too. I think I’m getting old. Etc., etc., etc.

It’s all pointless, really, the excuses. I’m kind of tossing in the towel that this is just a mess of a writing day. I don’t do it often, but heck, I’m human and some
days I have off days. This here is one of them.

Maybe I’ll treat them like personal days at work. You only get a few times a year when you can give your boss a vague, shielded-in-personal-privacy excuse of why you can’t make it to work at the last minute and you’re forgiven, no questions asked. I’ll forgive myself today, but if this becomes a habit, I’m probably going to have to meet with HR. Since I’m manager and worker and HR rep of my own little writing career, a meeting like that would totally blow my mind, so I’m probably best served to just get down to work tomorrow.

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  1. I'll keep you on your toes. Now get to writing! (do as I say, not as I do).

    - FTRYBB <-------- (Figure it out Sherlock)